True Weakness vs. Perceived Weakness

This army sucks.

Why would you take that model? It’s horrible.

Don’t play that class – it’s pathetic compared to the others.

Sound familiar? I’m willing to bet it does. This language tends to permeate gaming no matter if it’s board gaming, roleplaying, table top battle games or pc/console games.

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Malifaux 2e – Guild, Claw and Fang

2 posts in a day? I must be feeling better!

So myself and my girlfriend were out at a somewhat local gaming store (a couple of cities over). We wandered around there for a bit and glossed over the various products that the store in our town didn’t carry. All in all, there was a lot of overlap. One thing did catch my eye though – Malifaux.

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Game Agreements And Why They Are Terrible For The Game.

First off – a quick definition of what a game agreement is, or at least a definition no-one should have an issue with.

Most games have a level of agreement for what playing that game will contain. You choose a points level to play, or pick a mission type to play, etc… Whatever these agreements are, they are built into the game’s design. Points are clearly needed to balance many games. If you are able to play 1000 points of your chosen game against your friend who has 200 points, clearly its not going to be a fun experience for someone.

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The Fall Of the Game Company

Happy New Year to all!


Bit late with that – but better late than never!

I’ve been watching Games Workshop’s flailing stock numbers over the last year. Ever since the ‘Great Fall’ in the beginning of 2014, I’ve looked almost daily. I find the whole thing to be a new fascination of mine. I never followed stock markets before this.

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Planetfall Battlescribe Files

So I decided to get right into the Battlescribe files for Firestorm Planetfall. I really enjoy using Battlescribe to generate armies or fleets for many games. As there were no files out there yet, I took in upon myself to create some.

This is my first attempt as using Battlescribe for game creation, so be gentle 🙂

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2000 Point Firestorm Planetfall game. Aquans vs. Directorate

‘Tis the season to be too busy to blog…

Oh well, finally got my first Planetfall game battle report up and running! Not the first game, it’s actually my second – but it was already smoother than the first. Won’t be surprised if we missed a bunch. No matter – it was fast and fun. Took about 3 hours to finish, and that included multiple breaks to cook and eat and being distracted with home chores.

When we get this down and aren’t distracted, this game will fly!

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Firestorm Planetfall Unboxing.

So I recently picked up the new Firestorm Planetfall 2 player box set : Battle For Proteus Prime. I decided to do an unboxing on everything and make a post about it.

First of all I will say that I was extremely impressed with the sheer weight of the box when I got it. In typical Spartan Games fashion I was amazed how they packed so much into a single box.

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