Firestorm Armada 900 point battle. Ryushi vs. Sorylian.

Well, another day, another skirmish in the Storm Zone.

Was my first time taking the Ryushi out for a spin against my fellow Kurak Alliance compatriot. Don’t worry, this was a simulation, no dinosaurs were harmed in the making of this battle.

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1600 point Firestorm Armada game. 2 vs. 2. Ryushi and Sorylian vs. Dindrenzi and Kedorian.

So after 2 weeks of near nothing – BOOM! Two posts in a day.

Not that impressive really, I intended to write the D&D review last week, but grown up stuff sucked the life out of me.

Anyway – on to the latest Firestorm Armada game! 1600 point game with Ryushi and Sorylian vs. Dindrenzi and Kedorian. Was an interesting battle. Got a new camera, so the images should be sharper too!

Pictures and write up can be found here :