Battlestation Size Comparison

Garthim on the Firestorm Armada forums was asking about the size comparisons of the Battlestations. I gave an explanation that I wasn’t completely satisfied with, but was accepted at the time.

I figured “what the heck”, as I have all of the Battlestations and have either 1st edition or later Battleships and Cruisers for all races, I would take a few quick pics and post them. That way anyone else with a similar quandary can come check them out for themselves. 🙂

Images can be found here :




1500 point Firestorm Game. Dindrenzi + RSN vs. Relthozan + Kedorian.

I had the pleasure of facing down my friend’s Dindrenzi once again. This time he was bringing his new RSN allies. He ended up using his RSN Battleship as a RSN Carrier (just to avoid confusion ahead of time.) I bought my Relthozan as usual, but added in my newly assembled Kedorian Battleship and Destroyer. I wanted to use more Kedorians, but a lack of assembled models and the limits of the number of frigates vs. point value we played at limited them. So instead I went with a Relthozan force with some Kedorians thrown in for flavor.

Check out the pics here :


2000 Point Firestorm Armada. Recover Resources. Dindrenzi vs. Relthozan.

Hello all,

Something a little less contemplative today. Had a battle of Firestorm Armada with a good friend of mine a few days ago and thought I’d post it up here. It was a 2000 point game with my friend playing Dindrenzi facing off against my Relthozan.

The mission was Recover Resources. Not my favorite mission as I feel there is a bit too much of a random element to it, but the game was great as the resources recovered were fairly balanced due to our dice rolls.

It was a lot of fun – look forward to playing again!

Pics can be found here with a running commentary: Firestorm Armada 2000 points.


Anyone else play Firestorm Armada?  Would you like to see this in a different format?