Fixing Firestorm Armada Tilting Models.

So there is an issue with some Spartan Games models that use pegs ‘listing’. This typically happens with the acrylic pegs for models in Firestorm Armada and some of the models in Dystopian Wars or Planetfall.

Most people tend to use Hawk Widgets to fix these issues. While they definitely do fix the issue very well, I don’t like the look of them. To me it looks like a deflated balloon hanging out of the bottom of the model.

So what are the alternatives?

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First VLOG : How to play Firestorm Armada.

So I’ve been working on a video that I intended to be a quick how to play for Firestorm. That ‘brief’ video ballooned into an hour-long demo. So slightly overshot the 10-20 minute mark I had in my head, but what the hell.

I wanted to put together a short little show of how the game played with a bit of explanation as if I were showing a friend how to play. The videography is no where as sharp as I wanted, and the sound is not as clear – but I have a cheap little waterproof Kodak PlaySport video camera, so I didn’t know what else to expect really.

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