Finally Got A Game In!

Amazingly I managed to organize my schedule to get a Firestorm Armada game in! It’s been far too long, and work has kept me far too busy.

Unfortunately I was so excited to actually play that I only used my cellphone camera and didn’t take as many pictures as I like to do. The other downside is that this was a fluke for schedules lining up as a regular scheduled event was cancelled. This means that I’m not sure when the next game will get in.

Anyway – if you’d like to check it out, pictures can be found here as usual :



New Firestorm Armada Turning Template

If there’s one minor complaint I see repeated for Firestorm Armada, it’s the turning template.

It’s pretty basic and easy to use for the most part, but I do see many people complaining about how it either slows the game down too much or how its impossible to fit in between close formation squadrons or terrain. The point about it slowing the game down isn’t everyone’s experience, but almost everyone has experienced the “how do I get the template in there?” moment.

I’ve come up with something that might help.

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Firestorm Armada 900 point battle. Ryushi vs. Sorylian.

Well, another day, another skirmish in the Storm Zone.

Was my first time taking the Ryushi out for a spin against my fellow Kurak Alliance compatriot. Don’t worry, this was a simulation, no dinosaurs were harmed in the making of this battle.

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Battlestation Size Comparison

Garthim on the Firestorm Armada forums was asking about the size comparisons of the Battlestations. I gave an explanation that I wasn’t completely satisfied with, but was accepted at the time.

I figured “what the heck”, as I have all of the Battlestations and have either 1st edition or later Battleships and Cruisers for all races, I would take a few quick pics and post them. That way anyone else with a similar quandary can come check them out for themselves. 🙂

Images can be found here :



Fixing Firestorm Armada Tilting Models.

So there is an issue with some Spartan Games models that use pegs ‘listing’. This typically happens with the acrylic pegs for models in Firestorm Armada and some of the models in Dystopian Wars or Planetfall.

Most people tend to use Hawk Widgets to fix these issues. While they definitely do fix the issue very well, I don’t like the look of them. To me it looks like a deflated balloon hanging out of the bottom of the model.

So what are the alternatives?

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Aquan vs. RSN and Dindrenzi – 900 points.

Been a little bit once again. Stupid life getting in the way of gaming…

Anyways, I managed to get in a great Firestorm Armada game against my better half. Was a fun game overall. When I made the fleet lists I really wanted to try out my RSN and Dindrenzi and while playing around with the list, I made it illegal. Ooops!

While illegal, it wasn’t overpowered. There wasn’t anything crazy bad, I just used RSN as the main force with Dindrenzi allied in. Can’t do that. Has to be Dindrenzi allied with RSN or RSN allied with any other Zenian league races that aren’t the big 3 (Dindrenzi, Relthozan, or Directirate).

Oh well, no harm, no foul. Game was damn close anyway. If you are interested in checking it out, it’s up on my flickr site here :

A Tale of 4+ FS:A-mers – Ba’Kash Primary Coat

So just a quick update on the Ba’Kash assembly for the ‘Tale of 4+ FS:A-mers’.

I just finished base coating all of the Ba’Kash ready for more detail. It’s really not a large update, but it was time consuming. Strangely enough I’ve won a couple of local speed painting competitions. Once in the last year or so, and once about 20 years ago.  Blows my mind how I won either as I feel like I’m as speedy as a sloth on sleeping pills.

I think I’m just too much of a perfectionist when it comes to all art.

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