New Planetfall ORBATs in Battlescribe.

Work has been keeping me incredibly busy of late.

This is just a quick update to let you all know that I’ve updated the latest ORBAT changes for Firestorm : Plantefall into the Battlescribe files. These can be found here :

Hope everyone is getting in more gaming than me! 🙂



New Dream Blog

So this post is one of the few posts that have nothing to do with gaming at all.

I’ve decided to start a blog about the dreams I have because I find them funny and bizarre. The only way this could tie into gaming is for an odd inspiration for a roleplaying one shot or something. And if not – you might just find it amusing 🙂

If you are interested check it out here :


The Barren Desert of Gaming

So a quick call out on the number of posts recently before I delve into more gaming posts. Live has been crazy of late. Been dealing with a series of flus and colds combined with being totally mentally burnt out in general, likely from recovering from said flus and colds. This has combined with a lack of gaming of late. Seems that my entire group has the same burn out. Been no roleplaying or table top gaming in the last couple of months.

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Player Types : Friends or Acquaintances

Its been a little while since my last post as I was out on a road trip that took me across my home province. I figure I better get back to this before I get too lazy to post 🙂

Some recent events in my own groups made me begin to notice that there are many different types of players out there. Some of them are really good friends, and others are just people you play with.

There really no good or bad between these two different types of people, but I do think it is important to realize the difference between the two.

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Been wargaming, roleplaying and board gaming for 25 years. I have a lot of experience with various games that have got my interest over the years.

I’ve got a clear idea of what is fun and good in the gaming realm and conversely what is bad. While I’m open to changing my mind, I only do so if the reasons are solid and logical. Having said that, I’m not the only opinion, what I find great may not be what you find great 🙂

Hope to post more in the future!