Adventures in Roleplaying Game Design

As a child, I was introduced to my first roleplaying game. Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, 2nd edition. It captivated me at the young age of 9 and drove my interest in roleplaying. Something I still enjoy some 25 years later.

AD&D 2e was a great game when I was introduced to it, but it wasn’t a great work of art in regards to being the ‘perfect’ roleplaying game. The system was fun, but flawed. Some classes were much, much better than others and some rules were imbalanced. I think this is a common line with roleplayers. That first game – their first love, is one that they always have fond memories of. Even through all those flaws.

And it seems that is the case with whatever people start with. That first RPG is often one that people go back to time and time again. I think it’s why Dungeons and Dragons in its various editions have always had its fans and detractors. It’s not saying that one is better than another (IMO must D&D games are laughably bad from a plausibility angle), it’s more that there is a bias towards what YOU played back in the day. Continue reading