Finally Got A Game In!

Amazingly I managed to organize my schedule to get a Firestorm Armada game in! It’s been far too long, and work has kept me far too busy.

Unfortunately I was so excited to actually play that I only used my cellphone camera and didn’t take as many pictures as I like to do. The other downside is that this was a fluke for schedules lining up as a regular scheduled event was cancelled. This means that I’m not sure when the next game will get in.

Anyway – if you’d like to check it out, pictures can be found here as usual :



New Dream Blog

So this post is one of the few posts that have nothing to do with gaming at all.

I’ve decided to start a blog about the dreams I have because I find them funny and bizarre. The only way this could tie into gaming is for an odd inspiration for a roleplaying one shot or something. And if not – you might just find it amusing 🙂

If you are interested check it out here :