House Rules For Rolemaster For Easier Play

Recently I had a impromptu chat with Tim of the Samwise Seven RPG YouTube channel and the YouTube RPG Brigade on Facebook. There was no real setup and we just went off the cuff. The bad background sounds were my fault as I was clashing around in the kitchen. My first Google Hangout – so lesson learned.

We ended up chatting for a good 23 minutes about Rolemaster. A great, old, RPG from way back that we both enjoyed. You can find the video of the chat here :

One of the things we touched on was the ease of playing Rolemaster and how to make it more approachable for new players. That’s what the rest of this post will be about.

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The Barren Desert of Gaming

So a quick call out on the number of posts recently before I delve into more gaming posts. Live has been crazy of late. Been dealing with a series of flus and colds combined with being totally mentally burnt out in general, likely from recovering from said flus and colds. This has combined with a lack of gaming of late. Seems that my entire group has the same burn out. Been no roleplaying or table top gaming in the last couple of months.

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