Roleplaying Masters Degree

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a masters or diploma program for roleplaying games?

Of course there is no such thing, however, I think I may have found the closest thing…

I recently discovered the youtube channel and wordpress site by a fellow named “Runeslinger”. He has some of the most fascinating videos and comments on roleplaying I’ve ever heard. Most roleplaying discussion to me seems very low level. Obvious observations that don’t add a whole lot to my knowledge and style as a roleplayer and GM.

Runeslinger is different.

He has a very detailed and well thought out manner of describing his concepts and postulating his questions. He reminds me of a very passionate professor in a university course. Hence the title of this post. This may be old hat to some of you as his site has been up since 2012, but I’ve only just stumbled across him and his website.

If you have any love for roleplaying as a player, GM, game designer or anything else, I highly recommend checking him out.

WordPress site :

Youtube channel :

And Runeslinger – if you come across this post, well done sir, well done!



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