Worshipping Nurgle and Battlescribe Planetfall Updates.

Well, as you may have guessed from the title of this post – its been one brutal week.

A friend at my Jiu-Jitsu class was kind enough to introduce me to the flu of a lifetime. I was sick with various projectiles over the last 3 days from this ‘gift’. I’ll spare the grisly details, but suffice it to say – I would not wish this upon my worst enemy.

My girlfriend was awesome with the care she gave me, however she was also getting a cold at the time. So now the flu is cleared, it’s on to the cold I’ve received. Father Nurgle is greatly pleased I’m sure.

On to the gaming side of things!

I updated the Battlescribe files for Firestorm Planetfall to include the Veterans of Tarxon VI – Terrans. Once again, feel free to contact me here or on the Firestorm forums if you notice any changes that are needed. There have also been a few minor corrections here and there.

You can find the files here : http://battlescribedata.appspot.com/#/repo/firestorm-planetfall

Anyway – I hope your weekends were better than mine. You’d have to really be trying to do much worse 🙂

I hope to get some gaming in soon. Been on a dry stretch for a bit.



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