2000 Point Firestorm Planetfall game. Aquans vs. Directorate

‘Tis the season to be too busy to blog…

Oh well, finally got my first Planetfall game battle report up and running! Not the first game, it’s actually my second – but it was already smoother than the first. Won’t be surprised if we missed a bunch. No matter – it was fast and fun. Took about 3 hours to finish, and that included multiple breaks to cook and eat and being distracted with home chores.

When we get this down and aren’t distracted, this game will fly!

I definitely love a lot about the game. I think it will be incredibly solid once more helices are released and the rulebook oddities are smoothed. That’s really my only complaint – that the rules could have been a bit tighter, but considering this is a first run (not including the old Planetfall : Invasion – which to my understanding was quite a bit different).

Models are great, nothing seems like an auto-win button, and the gameplay is fast and fun.

Good recipe for success if you ask me. You can check the pictures from the report here : https://www.flickr.com/photos/126632382@N05/sets/72157649789371265/


Hope you all have fun with this game… it’s a good one!



3 thoughts on “2000 Point Firestorm Planetfall game. Aquans vs. Directorate

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