Firestorm Armada 900 point battle. Ryushi vs. Sorylian.

Well, another day, another skirmish in the Storm Zone.

Was my first time taking the Ryushi out for a spin against my fellow Kurak Alliance compatriot. Don’t worry, this was a simulation, no dinosaurs were harmed in the making of this battle.

Mission was Ambush with the Ryushi sneaking up on the Sorylians. I chose to keep all squadrons on the board so I would keep my battle lines tight. Due to this I ambushed no ships, preferring to pummel with Kinetics until I got in range to release offensive SRS.

My favorite moment was doing an attack run with my Fighters to force his Interceptors back to base and following up with an attack run with Bombers.

Was a fun game.

Pics can be found on my Flickr account as usual here :

You’ll especially enjoy the rubber band keeping my Battle Carrier together so I can paint it properly later. 🙂




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