First VLOG : How to play Firestorm Armada.

So I’ve been working on a video that I intended to be a quick how to play for Firestorm. That ‘brief’ video ballooned into an hour-long demo. So slightly overshot the 10-20 minute mark I had in my head, but what the hell.

I wanted to put together a short little show of how the game played with a bit of explanation as if I were showing a friend how to play. The videography is no where as sharp as I wanted, and the sound is not as clear – but I have a cheap little waterproof Kodak PlaySport video camera, so I didn’t know what else to expect really.

Overall I’m mildly happy with it. Lots to improve on, but for my first ever attempt at filming something, I don’t think I did too bad.

The video is a duel between 3 Dindrenzi Cruisers and 3 Terran cruisers. It wasn’t meant to be a proper game as the rules enforce a minimum of 1 Tier 1 squadron, 1 Tier 2 squadron and 1 Tier 3 squadron. Cruisers alone are a single Tier 2 selection – so definitely illegal. As I said, I wanted to get the feel of how the game plays down instead of worrying about awesome tactics or carefully designed fleets. If there is interest, I might do some more videos on those subjects.

If anyone would like to check it out, it can be found here :

Feedback on what to improve on, or what to do next would be appreciated.




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