900 point Firestorm Armada game. Ba’kash and Kedorian Alliance vs. Aquan.

Been one heck of a week. Hoping to get a few more posts up about a couple of ideas, but haven’t had much time to write ūüė¶

On the plus side, I did get a 900 point Firestorm game in. It was¬†Ba’kash and Kedorian Alliance vs. Aquan on a Border Clash mission. Was a really fun game. Once again, I took a bunch of shots – so feel free to check it out! Continue reading


Fixing WHFB – Turns

This one has been a long time in my mind. It will likely be the most controversial of my thoughts on fixing Warhammer Fantasy as it’s a big change to a fundamental mechanic of the game.

Part of the issue with all Warhammer games (both Fantasy and 40k) is the amount of engagement a player has when it’s not their turn. Most players, I’ve noticed, often tend to hit a state of attention deficit during their opponent’s turn. People will start chatting with other people around the area, messing with their phones, or even wander off to¬†do other activities – like grabbing another slice of pizza etc…

The only aspects that a player interacts with the game when it’s not their turn comes down to rolling reactions to the other player’s actions and¬†removing dead models from the board. None of these things¬†involve a high level of tactics. Do you let spell X go, cause you are saving dice for spell Y later? Do you Stand and Shoot or Flee? These are not really engaging. The only engaging phase in the entire game is close combat as both players roll, but there is still few¬†choices going on.

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1500 point Firestorm Game. Dindrenzi + RSN vs. Relthozan + Kedorian.

I had the pleasure of facing down my friend’s Dindrenzi once again. This time he was bringing his new RSN allies. He ended up using his RSN Battleship as a RSN Carrier (just to avoid confusion ahead of time.) I bought my Relthozan as usual, but added in my newly assembled Kedorian Battleship and Destroyer. I wanted to use more Kedorians, but a lack of assembled models and the limits of the number of frigates vs. point value we played at limited them. So instead I went with a Relthozan force with some Kedorians thrown in for flavor.

Check out the pics here : https://www.flickr.com/photos/126632382@N05/sets/72157646222618329/


Tarakian Unboxing

So I’ve convinced a friend to get into Firestorm Armada. He chose to pick up the Tarakians as his faction. I convinced him to allow me to take a few pictures for an unboxing. Nothing too fancy on this post, just pictures of some cool looking ships fresh out of the box.

Check it out here : https://www.flickr.com/photos/126632382@N05/sets/72157646588897232/


Kedorian and Ba’Kash Unboxing and the Project of Doom

So thanks to the evil mechanitions of Welshy on the Spartan Games forum, I have found myself involved in a project to get a fleet and start from scratch to assemble and paint it. The post that has doomed what little free time I have to assemble and paint the fine ships of Firestorm Armada. The thread where I signed my doom can be found here: http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/10899-a-tale-of-4-fsa-mers/

So I figured I would open this up with an unboxing of my latest acquisitions. I’ve bought a couple of box set for the Ba’kash and Kedorian. Not entirely sure which one I will elect to use for Welshy’s product of doom, so I will start with both and narrow it down later.

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Hard-core Gamers vs Casual Gamers vs the “Nothing Better to Do” Crowd

Hard-core : according to the Merriam Webster online dictionary it means “very active and enthusiastic”. Of course it has some other pornography meanings as well, but I don’t talk about that style of ‘roleplaying’ here ūüėČ

We’ve all met people who are really hard-core about various games. They are super into it. Sometime really into a certain game, or character class. Other times they are just super enthusiastic about gaming in general. It’s not that this is a bad thing, it’s just that the act of gaming is an incredibly important aspect of a gamer’s life.

If gaming was a prison, these people would be lifers. They will likely game all their lives. I think I’m one of them. Continue reading

The Fine Line Between a Fan and a Fanatic

Lets put aside the¬†etymology of the word ‘fan’ having derived from ‘fanatic’ for a moment. In the modern world, these words almost have totally different meanings now. Especially so in the gaming word.

So what is the difference?

Well a fan is someone who simply likes something. You could be a fan of Star Wars or Star Trek. You could be a fan of d20’s in roleplaying games. You could even be a fan of fans if it’s especially warm out. It’s pretty all encompassing for a general pleasure derived from something. Mostly in gaming terms you are either a fan of a game, or you aren’t.

So what is a fanatic? In short – it’s everything a fan is, but worse.

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