Fixing WHFB – Multiple Wounds

Short one today on multiple wounds in Warhammer Fantasy. The rule is essentially that if wounded after save attempts, that wound will multiply by the multiple wound rule (2, 1d3, 1d6, etc…). I’ve always felt that this is a bit much. It only really penalizes things on the board with more than 1 wound. Basically that’s anything over man-sized (or Orc sized) and characters. The big issue I have with this is the random element is too high for kill potential. Most monsters are relying in high toughness and a mid level armor or regeneration for defense. Characters typically are low toughness and high armor and good ward saves for defense. Larger than man-sized infantry typically get the short end with a middle ground of save and toughness.

The big issue with these defenses if that you get one shot (or maybe two with Wards, etc…) to save the wound. When dealing with singular wounds this system generally works well – but when you are dealing with wound multipliers, it’s save or die.  This is compounded when looking at weapons that are extremely high strength like cannons which allow no armor saves.

While I have no issue with a cannon one shot killing a dinosaur, it can be frustrating as the owner of a model to potentially remove it before you even get to move it.  High strength will typically remove armor saves. On the flip side –  ward or regeneration saves, while still applicable, are all or nothing. So while it sucks removing a Hydra to a cannon shot, it equally sucks being a cannon owner, hitting the beasty and having it make that single regeneration save.

To even it out, I propose a simple change. Instead of : Hit->Roll to Wound->Save->Multiply we change it to Hit->Multiply->Roll to wound for each multiplication->Save.

This allows a more balanced curve to the results. Instead of being an all or nothing approach, it gives more chances to avoid instant death. At the same time, it avoids a save of a potential 6 wound result to a single die roll.

While this seems like a nerf to cannons (and it is a subtle one), it will allow the owners of large creatures to still feel in the game rather than expecting to lose if there are enemy cannons. Remember the idea is to have fun – taking a model with hours of effort in assembly and painting and putting it away after a single die roll is no fun at all.

What do you think?



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