New Firestorm Armada Turning Template

If there’s one minor complaint I see repeated for Firestorm Armada, it’s the turning template.

It’s pretty basic and easy to use for the most part, but I do see many people complaining about how it either slows the game down too much or how its impossible to fit in between close formation squadrons or terrain. The point about it slowing the game down isn’t everyone’s experience, but almost everyone has experienced the “how do I get the template in there?” moment.

I’ve come up with something that might help.

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New Planetfall ORBATs in Battlescribe.

Work has been keeping me incredibly busy of late.

This is just a quick update to let you all know that I’ve updated the latest ORBAT changes for Firestorm : Plantefall into the Battlescribe files. These can be found here :¬†

Hope everyone is getting in more gaming than me! ūüôā


Finally Got A Game In!

Amazingly I managed to organize my schedule to get a Firestorm Armada game in! It’s been far too long, and work has kept me¬†far too busy.

Unfortunately I was so excited to actually play that I only used my cellphone camera and didn’t take as many pictures as I like to do. The other downside is that this was a fluke for schedules lining up as a regular scheduled event was cancelled. This means that I’m not sure when the next game will get in.

Anyway – if you’d like to check it out, pictures can be found here as usual :¬†


New Dream Blog

So this post is one of the few posts that have nothing to do with gaming at all.

I’ve decided to start a blog about the dreams I have because I find them funny and bizarre. The only way this could tie into gaming is for an odd inspiration for a roleplaying one shot or something. And if not – you might just find it amusing ūüôā

If you are interested check it out here :


House Rules For Rolemaster For Easier Play

Recently I had a impromptu chat with Tim of the Samwise Seven RPG YouTube channel and the YouTube RPG Brigade on Facebook. There was no real setup and we just went off the cuff. The bad background sounds were my fault as I was clashing around in the kitchen. My first Google Hangout Рso lesson learned.

We ended up chatting for a good 23 minutes about Rolemaster. A great, old, RPG from way back that we both enjoyed. You can find the video of the chat here :

One of the things we touched on was the ease of playing Rolemaster and how to make it more approachable for new players. That’s what the rest of this post will be about.

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The Barren Desert of Gaming

So a quick call out on the number of posts recently before I delve into more gaming posts. Live has been crazy of late. Been dealing with a series of flus and colds combined with being totally mentally burnt out in general, likely from recovering from said flus and colds. This has combined with a lack of gaming of late. Seems that my entire group has the same burn out. Been no roleplaying or table top gaming in the last couple of months.

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True Weakness vs. Perceived Weakness

This army sucks.

Why would you take that model? It’s horrible.

Don’t play that class – it’s pathetic compared to the others.

Sound familiar? I’m willing to bet it does. This language tends to permeate gaming no matter if it’s board gaming, roleplaying, table top battle games or pc/console games.

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